Laura Ann Klopfenstein


b.1975, Lansing, MI

Lives & works in Austin, TX


I'm a mixed media artist.  Mother of two boys, wife, friend, daughter, sister, aunt, supporter.  

Hard worker. Goofy. Member, Church of Be Kind.


I grew up in Georgia, Minnesota, Missouri and Texas. I am a mother of two children and work at The University of Texas at Austin with engineers who are addressing food-energy-water challenges.  I love to laugh and make things, and help people on their journey however I can. Most days, I have a twinkle in my eyes.


Self-taught artist

1997 University of Missouri, Communications

Related Experience

2020 Artist / Mother Podcast Crit Group

mentored by Pam Marlene Taylor, fiber artist and Gallery & Artist Residency Director of Stay Home Gallery & Residency


Grants & Awards 

2011 Hunting Prize Finalist

curated by Rachel Blackburn Cozad, Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art; Carol Damian, Patricia and Philip Frost Art Museum; Julien Robson, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts


Exhibitions & Festivals

2020 - Artist Alliance "Rough Around the Edges" curated by Jen Tough

2020 - I Like Your Work Summer Juried Show "Congruence" curated by Bridgette Mayer

2020 - Stay Home Gallery, Week 12 "Soften" curated by Kaylan Buteyn and Pam Marlene Taylor

2017 - "Lone Star", Cecile R. Hunt Gallery, St. Louis, MO

2017 - Bouldin Creek Cafe Gallery, Austin, TX

2015 - East Austin Studio Tour, Austin, TX

2014 - East Austin Studio Tour, Austin, TX

2013 - East Austin Studio Tour, Austin, TX

2010 - Method Gallery, Austin, TX

2009 - Bouldin Creek Cafe Gallery, Austin, TX

2008 - Bouldin Creek Cafe Gallery, Austin, TX

2006 - South First Street Art Pop Up, Austin, TX

2003 - Guadalupe Arts Center Group Show, Austin, TX



Private Collections in Portland, OR; New York, NY; Louisville, KY; Austin, TX; St. Louis, MO; Greenville, SC

© 2019 by Laura Klopfenstein

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