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Artist Statement

The “American Dream” is a bizarre concept. Some are evolving and progressive, some are stuck in a dark past and celebrate ignorance. Yet we share custody of our physical, emotional and spiritual space, and have major problems to solve.
As we all know, mothers worry. I feel a maternal sense of protectiveness for the earth and people of all ages, all walks of life. I like to create imagery that is rooted in the natural world and summoned from my imagination. It is a celebration of beauty and a reminder of our responsibility as a species with the gift of forethought.
Works are informed by concepts of stewardship, activism, playfulness, and awe. Some art works are more personal and touch on the push-pull energy of social roles that are both depleting and inspiring: being a woman in the US and a mother. I like soft and hard, pretty and ugly, together. My artistic process is guided by layering, the physical qualities of textures, forms and colors, storytelling, and humor.   
I like to use symbols to explore ideas: human teeth, fingernails, fishing lures, cacti and oceanic organisms. For example, I include teeth because as humans, we all have teeth no matter what we look like and they are a shared connection. Other works also use fishing lures. I think they look like little people, ghosts when together, non-thinking masses with a permanent expression of confusion, apathy. And I combine them with flora and fauna – to share space with the fishing lure “people”, all linked together.


Other ongoing series explore labor roles, the beauty/fashion industry, climate change, environment, disposable culture and socioeconomic imbalance. 
In my practice, I use a variety of media on paper and canvas: acrylics, gouache, graphite, Austin tap water, magazines, encyclopedias, ink and secret tools.

Laura Ann Klopfenstein

b.1975, Lansing, MI

Lives & works in Austin, TX


I grew up in Georgia, Minnesota, Missouri and Texas, spending a lot of time in nature. I am a mother of two young adults - they inspire, teach and remind me to be in the moment.  Somewhere along the line I created my own systems to have an art practice while parenting and working full time. I love to laugh and make things, and help people on their journey however I can. Most days, I have a twinkle in my eyes.


Self-taught artist

1997 University of Missouri, Communications

Gallery Affiliation

Jen Tough Gallery, Santa Fe, NM

Related Experience

2022 Texas Connect magazine, Happens Here feature, Fall 2022

2022 Kolaj magazine, #36

2022 Texas Observer magazine cover, July/August

2022 Artsy Shark Artist Feature

2021 Wild Lands book by Jen Tough Gallery

2021 IG Live Interview with Brook Hoffert, Curator MOCAN 

2020 Artist / Mother Podcast Crit Group

mentored by Pam Marlene Taylor, fiber artist and Gallery & Artist Residency Director of Stay Home Gallery & Residency


2023 - Fable: Art with Narrative, Jen Tough Gallery Inaugural Exhibition

2023 - Masur Museum, 60th Annual Juried Competition, juror Jovanna Venegas, SFMOMA

2022 - Collar Works, 2022 Flat Files, curated by Jeremy DennisCollar Works

2022 - Artexpo Dallas, Jen Tough Gallery

2022 - Artist Alliance "Nocturnal" featured on Artsy, curated by Jen Tough

2022 - Method Hair Gallery, "Food + Body + Suggestion"

2021 - Amarillo Museum of Art Biennial-600: Justice, Equality, Race, Identity, juror Leslie Moody Castro

2021 - Brand 49 Annual National Juried Exhibition of Works on Paper, juror Marvella Muro

2021 - Museum of Contemporary Art Nashville TMP1, "Radical" Thoughts

2021 - Artist Alliance "Terrain" curated by Carol Dalton and Jen Tough

2020 - Artist Alliance "We the People" curated by Tamera Avery and Jen Tough

2020 - Artist Alliance "Rough Around the Edges" curated by Jen Tough

2020 - I Like Your Work Summer Juried Show "Congruence" curated by Bridgette Mayer

2020 - Stay Home Gallery, Week 12 "Soften" curated by Kaylan Buteyn and Pam Marlene Taylor

2017 - Cecile R. Hunt Gallery, "Lone Star", St. Louis, MO

2017 - Bouldin Creek Cafe Gallery, Austin, TX

2015 - East Austin Studio Tour, Austin, TX

2014 - East Austin Studio Tour, Austin, TX

2013 - East Austin Studio Tour, Austin, TX

2010 - Method Hair Gallery, Austin, TX

2009 - Bouldin Creek Cafe Gallery, Austin, TX

2008 - Bouldin Creek Cafe Gallery, Austin, TX

2006 - South First Street Art Pop Up, Austin, TX

2003 - Guadalupe Arts Center Group Show, Austin, TX


Private Collections in Austin, TX; Columbia, MO; Durham, NC; Los Angeles, CA; Louisville, KY; New York, NY; Portland, OR; Santa Fe, NM ; St. Louis, MO;  Nashville, TN; Washington, DC

Grants & Awards

2011 Hunting Prize Finalist

curated by Rachel Blackburn Cozad, Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art; Carol Damian, Patricia and Philip Frost Art Museum; Julien Robson, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts

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